Tauer Attar AT

My desk is too crowded with perfume samples. The proof came today in the shape of a small misfortune: my precious sample of the Tauer Attar AT just fell and broke, which reminded me to post this.

2018-05-11 19.27.21

The Attar’s web page describes it as such:

Attar AT
The Tauer attar speaks in Arabian language; it is undiluted perfume oil and needs the skin’s warmth to bloom. The fragrance is dark, leathery, animalic. Creamy sandalwood from Mysore balances an arab wood accord. Jasmine absolute from Egypt adds a floral undertone. Earthy vetiver oil from Java and black cistus oil from Spain add to the acroamatic aura of the attar. The Tauer attar blooms and lasts on skin but follows the tradition: An attar always comes with an element of modesty.

Attar comes from the Arabic (عطار‎), also known as Ittar (Hindi/Urdu), is “an essential oil derived from botanical sources”. And this attar certainly speaks Arabic. Specifically, classical Arabic poetry of Al-Mutanabbi. He is considered one of the greatest poets in the Arabic language, and was renowned for having great pride in himself through his poetry. One of his most famous lines from a poem titled “My Heart Is Aflame” translate as:

Even the blind man was able to see my verses.
Even the deaf man was able to hear my words.

I know Andy Tauer is much too humble to say it, and speaks instead of “an element of modesty”. But in the spirit of Al-Mutanabbi I’ll say it for him: “Even the anosmic man would be able to smell this Attar.”

I normally don’t like attars, especially not their oily consistency. But this one is very special; it is dark, leathery and animalic, indeed. (That cistus in it, oh, it’s so deliciously raunchy!) But what’s special about it is that is somehow, miraculously, loud and quiet, at the same time, boastful and reserved. For something so strong and concentrated, it stays rather close to the skin (thanks to that oily nature).

But I still wouldn’t recommend breaking a sample of it on the floor–it is pure perfume oil, after all. And right it’s not whispering by my desk, it’s blaring across the flat!